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Make an appointment – send an email to book a time to see us – preferred – or just drop by and be prepared to wait. Mark is a graduate of NIDA Playwrights Studio. His play Water Falling Down premiered at the Queensland Theatre Company in Brisbane in 2011 and was performed at the B Street Theatre in Sacramento in 2012. In 2015, he joined the Board of Directors of Spaghetti Circus after serving as Chairman of Legs On The Wall for a time. I will see private clients on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 4 a.m. You can make an appointment or just show up and wait. It`s much easier if you email me your problems in advance! Then every week at 5:30 pm we have a different class or workshop on social enterprises, small businesses, artists, wills. “The key to Barefoot Law is to listen to and support our clients. Mark was admitted in 1995 and was a partner at Langes Lawyers until July 2006, specializing in consumer credit, financial services and APRA supervisory standards.

He has expertise in commercial contracts and corporate governance. After graduation, he worked on research projects with ACON and the University of Sydney and UTS and co-hosted the National Radio show “Sidevalving” on prison privatization. Not open most school holidays. Clinics after opening time: 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. “It`s often intensive work. We paid for bodily injury and damage caused by a traffic accident. Fiona released someone on bail for Christmas. Mark regularly does radio spots on Bay FM in Byron Bay and ABC North Coast.

He once played on Late Night Live and Philip Adams gave Mark a koala timbre. In recent years, Mark has toured his comedy storytelling shows and has been the MC of Dustyesky, the leading Russian fake choir in the Southern Hemisphere. Mark was secretary at Eureka FC for 4 years, where he still plays in the seventh division. He also played cricket for Bangalow Thirds and Eureka FC CC. Consumer claims – for damages by the NCAT or district court. Drafting contracts and disputes – Writing simple documents or letters for you Wills – Writing a will or effective powers of attorney Aging – Guardianship or financial management orders for family members Debt problems – Communicating with people to whom you owe money Rental – Advice on your rights and writing letters to landlords Parenthood – Assistance with consent orders and allowances Domestic Violence – Preparation of ADVO Applications Minor Crimes – Helps respond to subpoenas and court orders. Legal Aid Community Organizations Law Northern Rivers Community Legal Center Of course, most law firms tend to work for people with resources – and their fees reflect the business value of what they are working on, such as a real estate transaction, business sale or debt collection. Barefoot Law is something else – it provides legal services to people who can`t or don`t want to access them right now. Data protection and professional standards – your case remains strictly confidential; we will protect your personal data; Our ethical standards are set by the Law Society of NSW. If you are not satisfied with Barefoot Law`s service or would like to complain, please contact: “We love our work and we grow, cautiously and gradually. In northern rivers, low-cost legal services are also limited and underfunded.

Residents of Mullumbimby should travel to Lismore or Murwillumbah for legal assistance or assistance from the Community Legal Centre. So there is a gap to fill, no risk. Our website contains links to other useful services and documents, including some document templates. “On the track, we want to help make this vision a reality across the country.” Mark is a proud ambassador for the leading non-profit organization Good Return in the microfinance sector. Lawyers usually charge a lot more than artisans and that never made sense to me. Legal advice is a service, a useful functional thing. Like making a table or repairing a car. It`s usually too expensive, but it also has value. We are in this strange space where people pay far too much or expect free advice.

“Once Mullum and Byron are doing well, we hope to open next year in Lismore, Tweed and beyond. We believe that any community, city or suburb in Australia would benefit from a barefoot legal clinic. “We would also like to see more lawyers get involved. Kadri, Leon, Emma and Rebecca – all law students – volunteer to do the work. Barefoot Law wouldn`t be possible without the support of our anchors Julie Williams and her team in Mullum and Cherie Bromley and Byron`s gang. Every community has many problems that a lawyer can help – the challenge is to make the service quite cheap for the client with a sufficient salary for the lawyer. Efficiency is also important – because time is money. Thus, barefoot Law works best when clients tell us what they want before entering.