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Partha Banerjee said: “A big thank you to Legal Era for this award. The past year has been a very difficult year, especially for insurance companies, because we have worked tirelessly to ensure that families do not fall into poverty because they do not receive insurance money. So it was a very different year from the current law. More to do for ESG and technology! The team is full-service and serves all of IndiGo`s departments, including aircraft acquisition and financing, engineering, commerce, information technology, airport operations and customer service, human resources, administration, operations control center, flight operations and IFly (IndiGos Training Academy). Given the devastating impact of the pandemic on the aviation sector, the legal team worked with stakeholders to increase the availability of cash reserves for the company and completed the sale and lease of some of its own assets, such as replacement aircraft and engines, in record time to create additional cash reserves. All of these transactions were conducted remotely in multiple jurisdictions and were conducted in a transparent manner. In the second part of the evaluation process, the appointed in-house lawyers were invited to submit submissions in support of their nominations for the awards. These submissions, combined with extensive research and benchmark reviews by the editorial team of the India Business Law Journal, played an important role in the evaluation process. All in-house lawyers in India were automatically eligible for inclusion in the procurement process, and there were no fees or other requirements for participation. If the legal function becomes more important in the business world in India, what does the future hold? In our view, the domestic legal role has changed less than other functions such as HR, where views on the engagement and value of human capital have changed significantly in recent years. While the COVID-19 pandemic, with the creation of electronic courts and discussions of privacy laws, has led to subtle changes in the way the law is handled, the legal system remains relatively static. Assist the Indian Legal Department in legal matters and in the management of litigation and document requests.

Assist the Indian Legal Department in the development and negotiation of others. To meet this expectation, legal services had to formulate a strategy and hire the best talent to implement it, which was not the case in the last millennium when they were only cost centers. Moving from Legal Managers to General Counsel (GC) was more than just a change of title. It is now clearly recognized that a GC is an essential element of corporate governance alongside the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The GC`s global tendency to be an integral part of the CEO`s office or the president`s office has reached India. Judge Rajiv Sahai Endlaw, a judge of the Delhi Supreme Court, agreed: “This has brought good news to the dark days in which we live. It`s so nice to see so much recognition for advocacy in different segments. This segment specifically intended for General Counsel is very important! “This is a very important award for us because we pride ourselves on being the best private equity lawyers. Our clients are the driving force behind foreign direct investment in this country, and it is very encouraging to be recognized as a good in class for this legal service. Amit Kumar Das, General Counsel and Senior Managing Director – Legal at Kirloskar Oil Engines, wins the individual award in the Engineering and Manufacturing category. Dev Bajpai, HUL`s Chief Legal Officer, also said: “It is a pleasure to be in the company of such respected judges and professionals.

I would like to congratulate Legal Era for continuing to value and recognize legal talent in this country. The electronic version of Legal Era magazine and the newsletter have reached us many times throughout this journey of difficult times. And I must say that the contribution and cooperation of lawyers during this period has been immense. Gourab Banerji, Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court of India, said: “I have listened to the speakers and laureates so far and what strikes me is the incredible talent we have in the legal teams of this country. We can compete with the smartest and best in the world. And in these dark times, it is especially important to recognize such talents. Therefore, a lot of praise in the legal age! This event is not just the Grammy or Oscars of the legal profession. Once you get that stamp, it`s something special for life! Many thanks to Legal Era and Aakriti for making this possible.

On the other hand, in-house legal teams are constantly innovating in their constant quest to be business partners. Many have adopted new technologies for contract management and regulatory compliance. Their knowledge of global practices, laws and regulations around the world is often much better than that of Indian law firms. In-house legal teams today have a strategy based on highly skilled employees, deep industry knowledge, and technology that is well thought out and executed with the same rigor that their peers implement business strategies, but without historical background from the previous millennium. There could be a lesson for Indian law firms on what they need to do to get their business model out of the noughties. Developed markets such as the United States and Western Europe have an advanced understanding of the importance of strong legal talent. CMs in these regions generally report to the organization`s CEO or Board of Directors. Support to internal and external clients as part of the India Legal Commercial and Procurement team. monitor compliance with regulatory requirements; “Thank you, Legal Era, for this recognition. It means a lot to me when this award is given by the best research platform in the country. And at a time when our lives have changed.

It is truly valuable to receive an award at such times when we are navigating through unprecedented developments.. Given the different circumstances and experiences of 2020, the 10th edition of the Just Concluded Legal ERA Awards Event has not only become the most coveted and relevant certificate of competency in the Indian legal industry. The Legal Era Annual Awards have set new standards. The 11th edition of the Legal Era Annual Awards will be one step ahead. Sign up Send us your interest in you are legal experts working with lawyers and legal advisors. They conduct legal research, gather evidence and make legal recommendations. Traditionally, GCs have focused more on compliance and litigation and less on core strategic alignment. In large conglomerates, the role of the GC tends to include the functions of policy, compliance, secretary general and crisis management.

However, new companies in sectors such as technology focus on strategy-driven GCs that have a solid understanding of the inner workings of the business. Since the law revolves around ever-changing products, these legal experts should stay one step ahead of the regulations. They need to be able to not only interpret the law, but also help play a solution-oriented role in innovation and clarify how their business and legal advice will be operationalized. Therefore, it is not surprising that the legal leadership landscape in India is also developing. Our recent study of the profiles of legal leaders in 150 of India`s leading companies found that the role of general counsel in India is multi-layered and multidimensional. As Indian companies go global, GCs are increasingly involved in formulating companies` foreign strategy and working with colleagues and other functional leaders to shape the thinking process behind international business operations and associated legal requirements. Based on our research and conversations with industry leaders, some important points have emerged on how to get the best talent out of the space: The in-house team of more than 75 lawyers is spread across India, Asia Pacific, the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Europe and Israel, serving clients in more than 75 countries. Audit report to Regional Legal Counsel/Senior Management Team/Global Compliance Officer. Support and work on general legal advice to ensure compliance with the. True to the event`s slogan, “Reach the stars, you could well become one, the leading lawyers, in-house teams and law firms were recognized in four award categories: Best Legal Minds Individual Recognition Lawyers 2021 (In-House and Law Firm), Best Legal Teams 2021 (In-House), Best Law Firms 2021 and Premier League.

(ii) ready to support the leadership of the team in the implementation and monitoring of the strategic initiatives of the Legal Department. monitor compliance with regulatory requirements; In his current role at Ford, he has advised and worked with the Board of Directors, CEO and senior executives of the various Ford Group companies on strategic and legal aspects, future growth and business planning. Kapoor has also been active in areas such as compliance, litigation, corporate governance and intellectual property. And then it was time for the legends of the legal profession in the very prestigious Premier League Winners category. Each of the legends was presented by Justice Arjan Sikri, former Supreme Court Justice of India, Dr. Lalit Bhasin, Präsident der Society of Indian Law Firms, Darius Khambatta, Senior Advocate, Zia Mody, Gründer und Managing Partner, AZB & Partners und & Aakriti Raizada, Gründer Legal Era -Legal Media Group, beglückwünscht.