Bowmans Law Firm Salary

The highest reported salary for an employee of Bowman Gilfillan Attorneys is currently ZAR 1 million/year Our vacation program gives you the opportunity to meet us and get an insight into the day-to-day activities of a lawyer working in a leading law firm. We are looking for students studying towards law degrees B.Com, BA Law or LLB. We offer you a comprehensive two-year program so that you, as a trainee lawyer, can serve your items with us. We are looking for the best budding lawyers for our two-year candidate lawyer program. Participants will be introduced to high-level corporate law under the guidance of industry leaders, coupled with countless training opportunities. If your online application is successful, we will invite you to our two-day selection program. During these two days, you will have a number of opportunities to prove yourself as an individual and as a group. We offer scholarships for students with excellent gdding results who hope to study law and for outstanding university students currently studying law. To submit your application online, please click here to apply. Please note that the online platform generates your profile and allows you to provide motivation for your application. Matric Scholars: Please include your Final Grade 11 results as well as your final Grade 12 results. Once you have received your Senior National Certificate, please upload a copy of your Certificate in your application. Students in Higher Education: Please upload a copy of your full university certificate, registration certificate, ID and a marked legal assignment.

After the selection day program, our committee makes hiring decisions. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we welcomed a limited number of law students to one of two week-long holiday programs in our offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Since these are currently not feasible, we have developed another way to provide you with experience in legal practice. One of our greatest strengths is our culture, which is friendly and familiar and offers you the freedom to shape your own success in a supportive environment. We introduce you to our virtual experience program, which gives you the opportunity to participate in some of the work we would normally assign to local students from anywhere in the world. This self-study requires no prior knowledge and aims to give you insight into the world of corporate law at Bowmans. “Take submitting your application seriously because it affects you. Make sure your profile is complete before you click Apply, that it`s neat, and that all required documents are loaded the way you want (PDFs aren`t screenshots).

In short: Send the perfect app! Shalin Ledwaba, Manager of Graduate Recruitment and Development Our lawyers are team players. They are committed to excellence and provide high quality service. Most importantly, they have a passion for law. That`s why we look for well-rounded people with a high level of academic achievement and business awareness. All you have to do is create your profile and log in to complete one (or more) of the activities offered here. “At Bowmans, we understand that while research and achieving academic excellence is a requirement, following your passion and being active constructively.” At Bowman`s, we are looking for graduates who bring their authentic selves to work every day and never stop learning. Be curious about every commitment and, whenever possible, feel as uncomfortable as possible – that`s when we grow the most. Our fair compensation score for Bowman Gilfillan Attorneys is 2.25.

Read reviews from current employees that include information about compensation and culture. There are five modules that you need to work on. Fill them all in and get a little closer to identifying your preferred right. You will receive a certificate in recognition of your experience that you can add to your resume and social media profiles.