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Phone: 207.771.9211 Fax: 207.772.3627 Email: The official website of Brian Lewis Law, LLC is As an effective negotiator, outstanding litigator, persuasive litigator and esteemed educator, Brian offers the opportunity to present his case in a logical and understandable way. Appreciated by clients and colleagues for developing topics and positions that are not only legally theoretical, but also understandable and persuasive, Brian has proven time and again that he can analyze and streamline extensive and complex information to win arguments both in and out of court. tED Magazine – « Countering Counterfeits: Confronting the Continuing Crisis » Washington State University, B.A., Politikwissenschaft Brian Lewis Der Hauptsitz von Brian Lewis Law, LLC befindet sich in Kansas City Missouri, United States University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, B.A., cum laude, 1981 Attorney Presentation – « Mixing Business With Basketball: CLE and Bracket Bash » Scheidungs- und Familienrecht, Strafrecht, Einwanderung, Zivil- und Menschenrechte, Klage und Streit US-Bezirksgericht für den nördlichen Bezirk von Illinois Gaming & Alkohol, Patent, natürliche Ressourcen, Verwaltungsrecht, Unternehmensassistentin: Jennifer Leonard E-Mail: New Mexico State Bar Indian Law und Natural Resources / Energy / Environmental Law Sections. Brian Lewis Law, LLC is in the industry: Travel & Leisure Cook County Record – “Hospital Board Asks Court to Prevent IT Providers from Deleting Patient Data When They Go Bankrupt” Academic Scholarship – Sandra Day O`Connor College of Law Do You Know Who You Are? You are what you are; You Is What You Am: Indian Status for the Purposes of Federal Criminal Jurisdiction and the Current Split in the Courts of Appeals, 26 Harvard J. on Racial & Ethnic Just. 241 (2010). Brian Lewis is an experienced lawyer whose practice is dedicated to tribal economic development, and he represents tribes, tribal enterprises, owned tribal corporations, and private off-tribe companies doing business in Native American country. In his dynamic and interdisciplinary practice, Brian advises and represents clients in a variety of areas, including renewable and conventional energy, finance, commercial law, corporate law, land acquisition and leasing, regulation and appeal procedures. Much of his practice focuses on resolving complex jurisdictional issues. Brian has extensive experience in executing virtually all aspects of sensitive and high-level commercial and financial agreements, obtaining political licenses and obtaining regulatory approvals from tribal, state and federal agencies required for land use and control rights, project development and conducting business operations in and around the Indian country.

As a registered member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Brian is committed to promoting the economic development of Native American lands, bringing a focused and analytical approach to the challenges and opportunities that are unique to tribal nations. Intellectual Property, Estate, Business, Insurance, Lawsuits and Litigation With more than 25 complex lawsuits and arbitrations throughout his career, Brian strives to position himself and his clients as both trustworthy and friendly, an essential element to be found in their favor. In particular, Brian was an associate professor at Northwestern University School of Law for more than two decades. He also wrote Chapter 13, Arbitration – The Practitioner`s Viewpoint, for the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education (IICLE) Business and Commercial Litigation Handbook. Indiana Lawyer – “Judge ends `Tiger Baby Playtime`, stops young clawing” A Day Late and a Dollar Short: Section 2719 of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, the Interpretation of Its Exceptions and the Part 292 Regulations, 12 M. Cooley J. Prac. & Clinical L. 147 (2010) How many employees work at Brian Lewis Law, LLC? Brian began his career as a lawyer with the Department of Justice of the Navajo Nation, where he handled special matters for the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General of the Navajo Nation. During his tenure at the Navajo Nation Department of Justice, he served as senior counsel for the Navajo Nation in numerous tribal and federal lawsuits and appeal cases, including Ctr. for Biological Diversity, et al. v.

Pizarchik et al., Diné C.A.R.E., et al. v. Salazar, et al., et Navajo Nation v. Urban Outfitters. He also acted as lead counsel in the Navajo Nation`s formation of a new set of business instruments, Navajo Transitional Energy Company, LLC, the acquisition of mining operations through purchases and mergers of all assets and interests of an international mining company, and the negotiation of eight- and nine-figure transactions for the Company`s operations. He has served on several teams, commissions and working groups, including the spokesperson for the Navajo Nation Council`s Energy Working Group, the Chair of the Navajo Nation`s Project Negotiation and Transaction Teams for Major Economic Development Projects, and the New Mexico Governor-Elect Review Committee. His wife and two daughters are registered members of the Navajo Nation, and he has deep and deep ties to the Navajo Nation and continues to represent Navajo commercial instruments and those who do business with the Navajo Nation. Prior to joining Drummond Woodsum, Brian worked as a lawyer in a business law firm and as a successful solo practitioner. Brian has advised and represented tribes, tribal corporations, utilities and private corporations on major transactions and projects, worked to resolve complex legal and commercial disputes, and acted as external general counsel for several tribal and private corporations, for which he managed and oversaw all litigation and transactional matters affecting their operations.

He also led and administered the securing of energy leases and rights of way on federal, state, private, tribal and allocated lands. Brian has extensive transaction, regulatory and litigation experience in complex cases involving tribes, states and the federal government, enabling him to effectively promote the interests of tribes, tribal enterprises and private corporations in a variety of state, financial and commercial matters. Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law an der Arizona State University, J.D., Indian Law Certificate Tribal Energy in New Mexico and the Southwest: How a Lethal Trinity is Stymying Tribal Energy and Economic Development, State Bar of New Mexico Indian Law Section (Herbst/Winter 2011) Off Reservation Gaming: Judicial and Administrative Interpretations of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act’s Section 2719, und warum die Unterschiede wichtig sind, Section du droit indien du barreau de l’État du Nouveau-Mexique (Frühjahr 2011). Law360 – « Health Data Operator Sues To Stop Data Wipeout » Washington State University, M.A., Politikwissenschaft mit Schwerpunkt Politische Ökonomie und Politische Psychologie Brian erhielt seinen B.A. in Politikwissenschaft und M.A. mit Schwerpunkt Politische Ökonomie von der Washington State University. Vor seinem Jurastudium besuchte er das Pre-Law Summer Institute for American Indians am American Indian Law Center der University of New Mexico College of Law. Brian erhielt seinen J.D. Holds a certificate in Indian law from Sandra Day O`Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, where he was a member of the Indian Legal Program and graduated from the Bar Association. He regularly lectures and teaches in the areas of Commercial Organizations, Navajo Nation Property and Trade Law, Energy, and Contracts.

Brian has over three decades of experience handling antitrust, trademark, patent, product and commercial liability cases in various courts in the United States, as well as domestic and international arbitration in North America. He has represented clients ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries, including technology, automotive, industrial, chemical, electrical, manufacturing and retail. The Indiana Lawyer – “In a big cat fight, the judge scrapes the counterclaim against PETA.” So Close, Yet So Far Away: A Comparative Analysis of Indian Status in Canada and the United States, 18 Willamette J. Int`l L. & Disp. Resol. 38 (2011) Brian Lewis, a member of the American Bar Association`s Tort Trials and Insurance Practice Section and the Product Liability Section, of lawyer Brian Lewis focuses his practice on complex commercial disputes, international and domestic arbitration, internal investigations and white-collar crime cases for domestic and multinational clients. Brian offers experienced litigation and trial skills, presenting his client`s position to opposition lawyers, judges and jurors. Federal Contracting, Procurement and National Security Loyola University Chicago School of Law, J.D., laude, 1985 Professeur auxiliaire, Northwestern University School of Law, Litigation.