Medico Legal Company in India

That during the period of cooperation with the mentioned risk management company, we learned that the company decided at that time to create a company that will negotiate directly with doctors and other medical staff and institutions, so that the best services can be provided to the elite class at a lower level. Get coverage for all acts like PNDT, MTP, etc. The fact that the leading company in this field claims to cover labour law in the context of this risk management does not even make it possible to know whether this legislation is applicable in this area or not. R&D Associates is a company incorporated as a public limited company under the Indian Companies Act, 1956. The company has experienced medical staff headed by Mr. Randeep Singh Gill Advocate, Mr. Devinderpal Singh, Mr. Darshan Singh, Mr. Lakhwinder Sood, Mr. Tejinderpreet and Singh are founding members of the company, Marketing and Expansion Programs are led by Mr.

Karan Goyal. We are proud to mention that before starting this business, our team worked for an international company and achieved 99% results during this course. As a truly international standard service company with India`s best medical lawyers, we provide you with 24/7 services at your doorstep. Our practice offers complete and hassle-free business development for hospitals? and Medico legal services at major hospitals in Mumbai, Nashik, Bhopal, Indore, Raipur, Kanpur, Lucknow, Patna and Muzaffarpur. We help them run their business more safely and efficiently. The company acts as a strategic partner for customers throughout the value chain, from assessing and reviewing the situation, from mapping processes and solutions to compliance. Our strong consulting mentality allows us to offer tailor-made solutions to our clients. We have been serving medical professionals across India with 360° forensic protection since 2013. That there are barely 7 or 8 companies that manage the risks of doctors, and among these companies, one comes from Jaipur, the other from Kolkata and the rest from Delhi and Mumbai. There is no such enterprise in Punjab. However, one company has established its wing in Ludhiana, but the process of this company is so complicated that it takes almost a week for the work to actually begin. Let us cover you and we assure you that after all your worries will be ours.

Get claims on hospital bills. Update your hospital documents and records and inspect them according to medical and legal standards set by the government and have them reviewed regularly by our experts. All free of charge from our experts. (other companies don`t even do this for paid services) (1) There is no local Punjab business in this business as such that covers your risks against them, causing you harassment, delays and negative outcomes. (Because these companies are foreigners and their process takes so long. A doctor or paramedic with a medical legal emergency calls the risk management company for immediate and appropriate advice, but despite direct discussions with experts, the account executives of these companies participate in the call and then inform their headquarters, and then the head office decides to refer the matter to one of its members. The disguised member sets the appointment for the conference call. It is not a hidden fact that the situation is deteriorating in the course of all these proceedings. We are different from others because during the tenure at the risk management firm, our forensic team leader, Mr. Randeep Singh Gill, gave a score of 99% and whatever the case set, we reacted immediately and the injured doctors were fully satisfied. That we provide services with immediate effect to our clients and that injured parties do not have to wait long. Legal Pulse claims to achieve its goal with the help of the most experienced team of medical lawyers and legal experts who have dedicated their services to protecting and caring for your medical practice.