Mensagem De Vc E Legal

I was not a nice person. I hurt someone. I stole money and a bunch of things that didn`t belong to me. He`s the coolest person I`ve ever met. I don`t know if it`s real. Everyone loves to meet nice people, but the question that does not silence you: Is it also a pleasant person to face what you want? You want to meet nice people, you are also a nice person. Do you think it`s cool to protest? Protest in a place where you don`t have the main hospitals and clinics, because those who protest for one good don`t compromise for another. Protesting in São Paulo and obstructing traffic only makes you more deadly. If you think it`s cool to be a person today and a person tomorrow, trust me, it`s the disease. Either you are bipolar or you are schizophrenic (o); I was nice to you, I was nice, even when I shouldn`t have done it. I`m done now.

Because not everyone deserves my smile and jokes. Maybe my dear. After all, you are the one who can really take yourself. It doesn`t matter if you`re boring, cool, cute or ugly. So, love yourself. Who would have thought that one day we would be together? Besides being very different – you were the coolest guy in school and I was the smartest – I always had the age difference. Today, it`s so commonplace that it doesn`t matter at all. I am happy that society has grown and learned to respect love in one way or another. Love is ancient and has no differences to prevent it. And here we are, proving it. I love you my love! Nothing is more complicated than that stage where you meet a nice person, go out, and then don`t know what`s going on. How do I invite them to a party? Introduce him to his friends.

What are we anyway? Friends don`t kiss each other on the lips. Friends? In these hours, I hope that no acquaintance meets me when I am with you to get rid of this unpleasant situation. Today, relationships are so fast and crazy that we can no longer define what it is. And maybe also the lack of courage to ask, to put the other against the wall and to be alone. So let it roll, no guarantee and no tomorrow. People are confused when you are too nice, a good friend, trying to help, and often even working hard for it. If you help someone for some, you have doubts, if it is important to you that it is too nice in the end or forgives a mistake, they think you are a dick or weak and if you treat people well by simply believing that it is fair, so you really want to be treated, they think, that you are a kisser. In reality, I think the good judge judges people by what they think, by who they are. So my dear, just because you`re a pain in your ass, you have doubts when you`re helping someone and you`re an asshole doesn`t mean everyone will be like this. You connect and take care of your life before judging people who have a good heart. Purify your heart and clear your mind.

Celebrate the pleasure of living next to someone so cool No matter what the points already add up or how cool you were, we will always be judged by one isolated and big mistake. I`m sorry, that`s how it works. (Nothing to lose) Oh, if you give me a chance! I`m sure that would make you the happiest guy in the world. You have all the qualities I admire in a person: you`re sincere, kind, smart and the coolest guy I know. I`m stupid how much people admire you and love being around you. It`s not difficult either, is it? You are simply wonderful and I am your secret admirer! My dear, what pride I have to say that I belong to you entirely, that I abandon myself to this love of body and soul, that I immerse myself upside down in this feeling. Because you are the most wonderful woman in the world. You`re the coolest person I know I`ll love for the rest of my life. That`s why we are engaged and married, because I want to share my days with you. I love you more than anything! Establishing a romantic relationship with someone is an amazing thing! Sharing days, life, pain, joy and everything you can imagine are things that fill our hearts with love.

One of the best parts of a relationship is the admiration we have for those we love. You know, when you look at your partner and admire them for the person they are? When you realize that she is really a nice person. These perceptions make us realize the happiness of a loving bond. Nice people have the power to enrich our days, whether they are sad or happy: they always put a smile on our faces. Declare all your love with these romantic statements to a kind person! I don`t love you, even if you`re nice to me, but I still don`t love you. We`ve put together some super cool messages for you here to congratulate those who know and think it`s cool. Say on social media: You`re cool! I`m not a nice person. And the problem is that I`m not 13 anymore. What is a friend? One soul inhabiting two bodies.

You are nice! You don`t need thousands of people saying you`re cool or beautiful when you`re feeling good, forget the rest. Loneliness means not being alone. It`s about being among a thousand people and missing just one. Friend, you`re cool! A really serious relationship with a legal entity and a character is equal employment. Vacancy! What is missing are qualified people to fill the position! The friend is the one who knows everything about you and always loves you! Friend, you`re cool! Oh, I wish I had this beautiful flower in my garden. I will cultivate you every day with much love, many kisses and the most beautiful poems to increase your beauty, intelligence and special nature. You are perfect, you are kind, charismatic and you are friends with everyone. And everyone loves you, including me! Tell me that this dream is not impossible and that one day I will have the chance to be happy by your side and make you even happier! “Will you go out with me?” I guess I say that every day, huh? But you`re such an amazing person that I fall in love with you every day.