Mls Next Rules and Regulations Pdf

Each MLS NEXT Pro playoff game will be played in accordance with the latest edition of the IFAB Game Rules from the first game of the season and the competition rules established by MLS NEXT Pro and supported by the USSF, CSA and FIFA. MLS NEXT Pro reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to evaluate and/or adopt legislative changes approved during the MLS NEXT Pro regular and/or post-season. MLS NEXT Pro will adopt the 2021/22 rules of the game for the 2022 season. 1. A player sanctioned by the Master Discipline will receive an appropriate suspension for the next games for which he is eligible, including playoff games, the MLS NEXT Pro Cup or the next MLS NEXT Pro regular season. In cases where a player receives a yellow card in a match and the disciplinary officer suspends the player for the infraction, the yellow card will not count towards the total amount of the player`s yellow cards. All incidents reviewed by the Master of Discipline during the playoffs will be evaluated in the same manner and process as in the MLS NEXT Pro Regular Season and in accordance with the parameters outlined in the 2022 Competitions and Operations Manual. The teams that qualify for the playoffs in the Eastern and Western Conference include the 2 division champions and the next 2 teams with the most points. 1. A player who receives a red card in a playoff match, whether it is a direct red card or 2 yellow cards, WILL BE SUSPENDED for his next match (including the MLS NEXT Pro Cup). If the red card is issued in a playoff round, including the MLS NEXT Pro Cup, in which that match ultimately serves as the final playoff game for that player`s club, the suspension will be carried forward to the first MLS NEXT Pro regular season game of the following season.

POSTPONEMENT, POSTPONEMENT, CANCELLATION AND FORFEITURE OF THE MATCH: Matches may be postponed if there are circumstances in which the continuation of play would pose a threat to the safety of participants or spectators. In cases where a match is postponed before kick-off but after the official replacement of the fixture schedule, clubs may change their squad, regardless of whether the postponed match takes place at an earlier or subsequent date of the next match in both clubs` schedule. The top 32 teams from the regular season will compete in the MLS NEXT Cup Playoffs next July for the MLS NEXT champion in the four oldest age groups (U15, U16, U17, U19). The two youngest age groups (U13 and U14) will join the older teams that will not make the playoffs at the MLS NEXT Cup Showcase, which will be held at the same venue. Sixteen of the 32 teams qualify for the MLS NEXT Cup playoffs based on their ranking in their standings. League games will be played on a regional basis from August to June, with eight regional divisions as well as new MLS U15 and U17 divisions. The remaining sixteen teams qualify for the MLS NEXT Cup Playoffs based on their performance at the qualifying event in May. In the qualifying event, the top 64 teams from each age group compete in 16 groups of 4 teams each, with the winner of each group qualifying for the MLS NEXT Cup Playoffs.

Qualifiers qualify and are ranked based on their performance in local matches from August to March. The cutting-edge partnership between adidas and Major League Soccer continues to drive player development development. adidas provides the official match ball for all MLS NEXT matches and works with MLS to advance the game in North America by creating an atmosphere that supports the next generation of rising stars on the professional path. The rules, regulations and format of MLS NEXT competitions are designed in the best interest of the player`s development. While the team`s success is important and rewarded, the platform`s main goal is to take individuals out of their comfort zone, accelerate their growth, and showcase their talents. 4. A player or coach sanctioned by the MLS NEXT Pro disciplinary program during the regular season and/or playoffs will receive an appropriate suspension for the next games for which they are eligible, including a playoff game or the next MLS NEXT Pro regular season game. Detailed information on both rules can be found in the MLS NEXT Pro 2022 Competition Guidelines.

3. A player who receives 2 yellow cards in the same match WILL be suspended for the next match for which he is eligible, including a subsequent playoff match, MLS NEXT Pro Cup or his next regular season game. Once the winner of the MLS NEXT Pro regular season tiebreaker qualifies, all remaining clubs that have not advanced since the first round regular season tiebreaker will go through a second-round tiebreaker, starting with tiebreaker 1, to determine the next promoted team. The regular season tiebreaker system will continue until the qualifying list/seeded has been determined. For example*: MLS NEXT Pro announced two new competition rules on Wednesday that will take effect starting with this week`s games. The off-field treatment rule allows for a quick resumption of play and gives medical professionals time to evaluate and treat off-field players. The red card will be more beneficial for the club that suffered a foul that resulted in a red card or a second yellow card. 2. If a player`s club does not advance to the next round of the playoffs after receiving a second yellow card in consecutive games, the suspension will NOT be carried forward to the next MLS NEXT Pro regular season game. About MLS NEXT Pro Launched in March 2022 by Major League Soccer, MLS NEXT Pro is a professional men`s soccer league in the United States and Canada that complements MLS NEXT`s journey to MLS first team players. With 21 clubs competing in the inaugural season – 20 MLS affiliates and one independent club, Rochester New York FC – MLS NEXT Pro will develop the game through innovation and diversity by bringing professional football to new markets, creating career opportunities for professionals on and off the pitch and instilling a strong sense of pride in communities. Other MLS affiliates and independents will join MLS NEXT Pro in the coming years.

Starting in 2023, MLS NEXT Pro games will be streamed live on the Apple TV app as part of Apple`s monumental partnership with Major League Soccer. Through this partnership, fans will be able to get any MLS game live from early 2023 to 2032 by subscribing to a new MLS streaming service available exclusively through the Apple TV app. For more information about MLS NEXT Pro, see 3. A player or coach who receives a direct red card or a second yellow card (i.e. a red card) in their final MLS NEXT Pro regular season game WILL be suspended for the next game for which they would otherwise be eligible, including a playoff game or the first MLS NEXT Pro regular season game of the following MLS NEXT Pro season. 4. If a coach or staff member receives a total of 2 yellow cards during the MLS NEXT Pro Playoffs, that person will be suspended for the next game, unless the next match is the MLS NEXT Pro Cup. To clarify, a team official who will receive his second yellow card in the conference finals will be available for the MLS NEXT Pro Cup. The off-field rule and red card suspension rule will be implemented this week when Sporting KC II takes on Colorado Rapids 2 at the University of Denver football stadium.

Kick-off is at 7pm CT and the match can be broadcast free of charge at In addition, MLS NEXT Pro implemented the IFAB Concussion Substitution Trial. This new initiative allows teams to have up to two concussions in a game to replace players suspected of having concussions, regardless of how many normal substitutions have already been used. GAME SUSPENSION MANIPULATION: Players who are banned from MLS NEXT Pro regular season and post-season games and are released by their clubs for use on the national team will be suspended until their international service is over. The international obligation begins on the player`s start date and ends at the end of the player`s last scheduled match during the respective FIFA international window. Is college and professional soccer part of your future goals as a young soccer player? Tormenta FC Academy now offers the highest level of junior men`s football competition in MLS NEXT, as well as a proven direct path to professional football. Start your journey with Tormenta FC Academy by signing up for an evaluation to see if you fit into our teams at MLS NEXT. The MLS NEXT Pro Playoffs are singles matches played in the United States and Canada. Player who does not have to leave the field for 3 minutes: Five substitutions per club are allowed during 3 occasions/moments without half-time. For the avoidance of doubt, there will be no additional replacement (a “6th replacement”) in the additional periods. As with the regular season, both clubs have a maximum of 2 substitutes available for concussions.

If a club does not use the 5 substitutes allowed and its 3 options during the settlement, it can use them during extra time.