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“Nationwide Court Services, Inc. is an invaluable partner and integral to our base for national research capabilities. Time and again, they have proven to be a fast, accurate and reliable resource. Copy medical, business and legal records, as well as a variety of document solutions, functions for filing agents and an online document repository. Our team is familiar with the judge`s rules, court calendars, case manager expectations and filing deadlines. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with court personnel, we are able to expedite your legal action in any county in New York State. Our commitment to customer service excellence is what we offer you. When you join our team, you can rest assured that we will provide you with information and resources to assist you in all legal matters. We help you get the most accurate, complete and meaningful evidence to support you and your customers. Our network of highly qualified professionals can handle any job anywhere. Our process service provider was founded in 1993.

Our staff knows that the basis of your case is to obtain jurisdiction over the necessary defendants and to provide this service in accordance with the law. We have built our business and reputation on caution: carefully in selecting and monitoring process servers and carefully in training and updating our internal staff on applicable legislative changes so that we can provide you with the best possible service. Our in-house staff is supervised by a lawyer, and the staff is expert in foreclosure services and landlord tenant services. We are also proud of our Process Service CLE course, which has been approved by the New York State Department of Continuing Legal Education. It allows us to offer free continuing education credits to all our existing clients who have successfully completed the course. We are available by phone from Monday to Friday, 7:00 am. at 6:30 pm Our three fully staffed sites are located in Ronkonkoma, Mineola and New York. Our in-house couriers pick up the documents at your office or you can scan them, email them or fax them as you wish. Nationwide Court Services understands time sensitivity when it comes to registration.

We have extensive registration experience in all counties in New York State and follow all New York State fee schedules, procedures and document requirements in the offices of the respective County Clerk. Trust/mortgage deeds are quality controlled and meticulously followed throughout the admission process. Please note that New York County and its neighboring counties may be some of the hardest to capture regions in the country, but we know this area because of our 20 years of experience. We file your documents all over the United States with incredible service and expert tracking. We also offer e-filing in a variety of dishes 631-981-4400 x216 (Head Office-Ronkonkoma) Supervisor: Alex Zambrano 212-349-3776 x452 (NY) 888-941-1234 x216 (Nassau County) “This is the best service I`ve received in years!! I will use you for all my work in New York from now on. ยป Direct dialing in Court Services Department: 631-981-4400 ext. 101 Supervisor: Domenic Lanza, Esq. Admission fees * Our document registration service fee is $25.00 per document in the countries listed below.

“Impeccable service, that`s why I keep coming back, a family atmosphere and constant professionalism. High level of knowledge of each transaction. * All other boroughs of New York and other states are available upon request. Since 1994, we have processed more than 200,000 document retrieval requests. We can file, file, and retrieve Supreme Court documents in all sixty-two boroughs of New York City and in most districts and civil courts. Suffolk, Nassau, Westchester, Queens, Kings, Bronx, New York, Richmond, Rockland, Orange, Dutchess and Putnam counties **All other counties Price on request** “Nationwide is like an extension of our law firm. They helped us manage our documents and really kept us afloat in everything they do. Since 1994, we have processed over 150,000 abstract orders! Our team is highly experienced in executing Process Service. Having worked on thousands of challenging cases, we have an extensive knowledge base to build on. Call the foreclosure service directly: 631-981-4400 ext. 394. We are here to answer your questions.

We have been supporting lawyers and their teams for more than 2 decades and have seen almost everything. Send us a message and we`ll get back to you as soon as possible to help you solve your biggest challenges. “I have been called to the bar for over 50 years and have been president of 2 bar associations. In all my years of practice, I have never encountered a service agency as committed to diligence and efficiency as Nationwide Court Services, Inc. ** Subject to New York sales tax and additional city fees may apply If you are looking for exceptional service, fast turnaround times and knowledgeable staff, Call. Title insurance premiums are the same no matter who you are, but having a title resource center on hand isn`t that easy to find. Our title readers are always available to answer your questions, advise you on complex title insurance issues, and facilitate the transaction from start to finish. With experienced real estate lawyers, you answered all the questions. Work with us and we`ll keep you posted every step of the way. Nationwide offers a comprehensive menu of title insurance services.

The country`s leading insurance companies underwrite our policies so you can be sure that if you choose us, you will receive a smooth title transaction and a timely closing. We have correctly set records for over 36,000 mortgages and 21,000 deeds! Nationwide specializes in the preparation of foreclosure reports. Our team has 18 years of experience at all stages of the foreclosure process, which we use to enable the timely settlement of commercial and residential properties throughout New York State. We are known throughout the industry as foreclosure experts. We produce comprehensive and robust foreclosure reports as well as title guidelines that have clarified previous foreclosure issues. Our Director of Operations provides training and support to law firms and lenders. We have experienced proofreaders to ensure the quality and accuracy of the reports sent to our clients. Our processing time for foreclosure reports is 2 business days.