Public Interest Legal Fellowships

Brooklyn Law School allocates up to $5,000 to public interest students to work at nonprofit and government institutions for 10 weeks in the fall and winter after graduation. These scholarships not only allow students to provide critical assistance to those who otherwise cannot afford legal aid and the organizations they represent, but also allow them to enhance their market value by acquiring additional skills and credentials while waiting for public interest jobs that are not available earlier in the year. if many other jobs are listed. The Berkeley Law Foundation, Berkeley Law`s student public interest foundation, sponsors 1-3 graduate scholarships each year. In recent years, this scholarship has only been open to Berkeley law students. For more information, see: There are many useful resources to learn more about graduate scholarships, but always be sure to check the details and deadlines for a specific opportunity with the organization itself: When exploring 2L summer opportunities, pay close attention to organizations that offer scholarships or are willing to sponsor applicants. scholarships. Consider building a relationship with one of these organizations by spending all or part of your summer there. If you`re interested in organizations you haven`t worked for, contact them. Note that some large organizations that regularly sponsor applicants for national project awards ask for resumes and interview potential applicants during the summer, often setting deadlines to apply for sponsorship in early summer. The Goodwin 1L Diversity Scholarships offer $7,500 scholarships to various students in public interest positions during the summer following their first year of law school. Selected fellows are guaranteed a face-to-face interview with a Goodwin Procter office of their choice during the interview season during their second year at Law School.

Fellows are also invited to participate in some of our summer events during their summer with the non-profit organization. There are a variety of public interest scholarships available for law students who are interested in pursuing public interest law after graduation. Typically, scholarships are one- to two-year opportunities designed to provide law graduates with experience in public interest practice. A one-year scholarship for a law graduate or new lawyer to undertake public interest projects that serve legally disadvantaged or underrepresented groups. The application deadline is usually in January. Deborah L. Rhode, the Ernest W. McFarland Professor of Law, created the a href=””>Rhode Public Interest Award, which is presented annually to a graduate (or team of graduate students) who has made an outstanding contribution by working with underrepresented groups, in the public interest outside of law school, or in public service at law school. To be considered for the $3,000 prize, the student must be nominated by faculty or other students. In addition to these scholarships, CPDC staff are available to talk to students about additional scholarship opportunities offered by external organizations. Creates partnerships between public interest lawyers, not-for-profit organizations, law firms/corporate sponsors and other donors to provide underrepresented populations with effective access to the justice system. The online application is usually put online at the beginning of July.

Applications should generally be submitted by mid-September. Public Service Graduate Program: Southwestern`s Public Service Graduate Program (PSGP) offers scholarships to qualified university graduates seeking a time-limited internship with eligible legal aid organizations and/or public services that are unable to provide compensation to articling students. PSGP scholarships are designed to help graduates gain valuable experience while helping legal aid organizations address the unmet legal needs of underserved communities. Some postgraduate fellowships are available with the Center for Health and Homeland Security and Clinical Law Program as well as Dean`s Fellow and Library Research Fellows. The Public Service Award is presented to several law students at the Francis King Carey School of Law at the University of Maryland who have engaged in legal services and work during their legal careers that significantly advance the public interest. Bridge to Practice Scholarship Program – The four-month Bridge to Practice Scholarship is a postgraduate launching pad for students` professional success, Opening the Doors to Government Law and Public Interest Law. Recipients of these fellowships have completed internships with the International Criminal Court, the United States Congress, the Federal Attorney of Defence and others. Scholarships are combined with enhanced career development services to ensure success. For more information: Law School Funding: The list of available graduate scholarships changes from year to year. A list of currently available scholarships can be found on the Law School Scholarships page: Funded Graduate Student: Len Rubinowitz Public Interest Scholarships are awarded to students working in positions of public interest during the summer and graduates entering the public interest to assist with cash costs and summer living expenses. Full grants typically amount to $4,500, and partial grants may also be awarded.

The number of scholarships varies from year to year. The scholarships are funded through a combination of donations from students, faculty, administrators and alumni, law school funds, and a series of fundraising events.