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We put the cup of pleasure on our lips and, instead of cooling, torment the fiery flashes of burning excess. The champagne seemed to flow into the fountains and was only interrupted for guests to drink burgundy or taste the tokaj. There was a sofa, a mahogany buffet, where the previous owner used to blow his wines and liquors. Juicy strawberries, wild herbs and salty minerality combine to create a refreshing, even invigorating Quaff. Nowadays, Quaff has an old-fashioned literary sound. For more modern words that suggest drinking a lot of something, especially in large sips and in large quantities, you can try draining, tapping or snail. If you are a small drinker, you could say that you prefer to drink, drink or enjoy the drink of your choice. Quaff is by no means the oldest of these terms – the oldest evidence dates from the early 1500s, while sip dates from the 14th century – but it is the only one with the mysterious etymology “unknown origin”. I began to moan a new life with the first breath of the sweet air. There would be no refreshing cup to gap, only water or milk at best.

Not that we suspect he suspected Harry was trying to get a nasty Quaff. But is his Quaff really as provocative a fashion statement as Mel says? Theme music by Joshua Stamper 2006©New Jerusalem Music/ASCAP.