Usapl Belt Rules

● The belt should not be wider than 4″ or thicker than 13mm. I really, REALLY, hope that this won`t extend to belts without a logo, because my Wahlander belt is exactly the same as the Eleiko belt, but the wording of the document makes me think it will. The funny thing to me is that I was planning to sell my old belt and buy an inzer lever belt, but now that they`ve done it, I feel like I don`t really want to raise in an organization that is looking to make a monopoly with their weightlifters. Best belt owner here too. Farewell, USAPL. I`m not going to deal with their if they can`t focus on the equipment. There`s no point in me spending more money just to get another belt on their approved list. I just spent $150 to get a 3inch Bestbelt that is no longer worth anything. I wonder if they will enforce this at the local level? Big! I have no idea who makes my belt since it only has the logo of the store where I bought it. Powerlifting belts reduce the risk of injury by keeping your spine in a natural, unloaded position. Plus, a solid object that your muscles can press against is the shortest way to instantly lift heavier weights. These are strong belts of reputable companies. I have a Lifting Large 13mm Single Brange and I am very happy.

I am sure that the belt rule will be clarified – it seems ripe for exploitation. ● The buckle of the tongue should be placed less than 25 cm from the end of the belt. In addition, USAPL previously had many specifications and restrictions on which belts are allowed and which are not. Now the rule has been changed so that the belt can only have a maximum width of 10 cm, which corresponds to about 4 inches. All other specifications no longer matter, such as the thickness of the strip or the type of tape. If you`re not sure if you`re getting a single or double tenon belt, get a single tenon belt. They`re just as safe as a double tap and easier to get in and out because you only have to hang in one hole instead of two. At the higher end of the spectrum, Snape makes large belts. I owned his Ohio lifting belt (unapproved) before selling it to a fitness buddy.

The 13mm Rogue Powerlifting Belt (Single Pin) and 13mm Lever Belt are highly valued and approved by the IPF/USAPL. The cheapest belts approved by IPF are the Lifting Large 10mm Single Brange belt (available on Amazon`s Ebay store and Lifting Large) and the Strength Shop 13mm Single Brange belt, which are usually available for around $50. You can not use any powerlifting belt. You can use any belt, as long as it is not wider than 10 cm at the widest point, except for the buckle. The loop has no size restrictions. The tape can have any thickness, any material. It can be a ratchet belt, a lever belt, a buckle belt, a Velcro belt, a weapon belt, you can dream it, you can wear it – as long as it is no more than four inches wide and it is not too boastful. NOTE: IPF rules require that knee wraps do not exceed 2 meters in length. Knee pads longer than 2 meters are not allowed for use in the IPF/USAPL competition. The USAPL has no control over the IPF Technical Committee, which decides which equipment is approved and which is not, but USAPL rules limit which equipment requires Technical Committee approval and which does not. Request that belts and bases be exempted from Technical Committee approval provided they meet dimensional or design specifications. The technical rules of the bench press no longer require that the head come into contact with the bench seat during the elevator.

The application of the list of “approved belts” to the USAPL competition is subject to the modification of the USAPL rules to require approval from the Technical Committee of belts (and undershirts). Although the USAPL is a member of the IPF, the adoption of new IPF rules is not automatic (a request to make them automatic failed due to this year`s NGB), and at the state/local level, the regulation explicitly allows some deviations from the IPF rulebook. As we approach the USA Powerlifting Rochester Rumble 2022 on East Avenue, we will be posting more information about the contest rules and requirements. If you have any questions about the rules or would like to enter a contest for the first time, send us a message or leave a comment. If you want to go further, we organize weekly classes specifically designed to prepare you to do your best on the platform. Without a doubt, Inzer is the gold standard for slings. The Inzer Forever has a sturdy 10mm leather construction that balances support and comfort.