Vehicle Towing Laws in Louisiana

C. Landowners towing unauthorized vehicles from their property or parking lots must post signs in conspicuous places at the entrances and exits of these properties to warn motorists that unauthorized vehicles may be towed. If the property has specific parking spaces or parking spaces where vehicles are to be towed, the specific parking space or parking lot from which a vehicle is to be towed must also be clearly marked to warn the motorist that their vehicle may be towed. This warning must include signage in each designated parking area or marking of individual parking spaces in those specific parking spaces. A landowner or their authorized representative who tows contracts or agreements with a towing company to provide towing services and activities must post signs at the entrances and exits of such properties or parking lots in conspicuous places to warn motorists that unauthorized vehicles may be towed. The signage must include the name, address and telephone number of the towing company in letters at least two inches high. Owners and drivers of towing companies must ensure that the property, parking lots and parking spaces are clearly marked before removing a vehicle. In addition, a copy of the written contract or agreement between the owner or the owner`s agent and the towing company must be kept at the owner`s place of business and at the towing company`s business office, as well as in the tow truck. The contract or written agreement sets out the parking rules and the reasons for towing. The contract or written agreement must be dated and signed by all parties and include the telephone numbers of the owner or their authorized representative and the tow truck owner or authorized representative. The written agreement(s) shall specify the start date of the towing service and the specific date of termination of the contract.

Owners who meet the requirements of this subsection are not required to mark a motor vehicle for removal or to sign the invoice prior to towing. Lousiana has a detailed list of laws concerning vehicles and towing. It includes regulations required for tow trucks, as well as instances where a car can be legally towed from public and private property. If your vehicle is towed from a parking lot, the owner must have at least signs at the entrance and exit. These signs must include the name, address and telephone number of the towing company with which they have entered into an agreement. Owners must also have a copy of the contract in their business office. The contract must set out the circumstances in which the vehicles are towed and where they are towed. 2. `parking space` means the designated space in a parking area for the parking of a single vehicle; The best way to be prepared if your vehicle is towed is to know the law and your rights. People who do not know their rights may be exploited by deceitful companies or may not know that they can do anything if their car is unfairly towed. Protect yourself and your vehicle so that no unscrupulous towing company can take advantage of you! D. All fees charged by a tow truck driver for the non-consensual towing of a vehicle from private property or parking lots must be uniform and set in accordance with the rules and regulations issued by the Louisiana Public Service Commission.

If the tow truck operator charges fees in excess of the flat fee, the owner of the motor vehicle has the right and cause of action to recover the amount of the excess costs, storage costs, if any, reasonable attorneys` fees and all court costs. The provisions of this section are enforced by all state and local law enforcement officers and duly appointed officers of the Louisiana Civil Service Commission. Tow truck drivers provide invoices for inspection at the request of a law enforcement officer or duly appointed agent of the Louisiana Public Service Commission and provide such agents with a copy of all invoices, service contracts, or the name, address, and telephone number of an owner or authorized representative. Sometimes when your car is towed, you`re clearly wrong. For example, if you park in an accessible parking lot, you can no longer avoid paying the towing and associated fines. But some situations are ambiguous. Not everyone knows that these rates are limited, and some towing companies take advantage of this. You are entitled to a detailed list of fees to ensure that they correspond to the list of prescribed rates. It is also recommended not to avoid cash payments and to use a credit/debit card or other traceable payment method. This way, if you later find out that you have been overcharged, you will have a record of the transaction.

A good place to check where your car has been towed is via an online database. Finding my tow or are good places to start. It`s easier to find your vehicle if you have your VIN number or license plate handy, but filling in the description fields can sometimes be enough. If possible, find out about your license plate in advance, as this is the easiest way to track your vehicle. It`s good for more than saving a trip to the parking lot when checking into a hotel! ยง 1736 Towing of motor vehicles from private property; Definitions; Bills; uniform fees; Penalties Before you can pay or dispute towing fees and pick up your vehicle, you need to know where it is. Unfortunately, it`s not always as easy as it should be. However, there are several resources available to help you. Depending on your specific location, there may be no signs and it may be difficult to find the owner. For some types of goods, the towing rules are different. Parking in a corner with a bus stop, for example, carries a $40 fine and is also a towable offence. And being within 3 feet of a private driveway gives the same fine without the need for a sign. Especially in the case of parking violations among residents, the owner does not need a contract with a towing company and does not need to have the company`s information at hand.

If you don`t have information about the towing company and can`t find your car in an online database, you`re out of luck. You can try calling the city parks department if they have one. If not, try calling the local police department`s non-emergency number. Not 911! Every police service in the country must have a number for such situations. To find this number, do a web search for the municipal police. The number is displayed directly in the search engine or takes you to the ministry`s website. For Baton Rouge, for example, you`ll find the non-urgent number in the left sidebar of every page. The police can tell you who towed your car and where you can find it. Large cities may also have a 311 operator for less urgent issues like these. They thought it was safe; Sure, the sign said illegal vehicles were being towed, but you wouldn`t be long. And you`d keep an eye on it. Then something unexpected happened.

Maybe a former colleague is eating in the same place or your family is stuck in traffic. Those minutes turn into hours, and you forget your car that was parked where it shouldn`t have been. Until it`s time to leave and he`s nowhere to be found. And you may not even have someone nearby who can tell you what happened. What can you do? You need to determine where your vehicle was taken and how to retrieve it. But if you don`t have any information, how can you even get started? B. No tow truck driver who does not unreasonably tow a motor vehicle from a parking area shall tow the motor vehicle unless the towing has been approved by a competent law enforcement agency or the motor vehicle has been marked for removal. However, if the invoice has been signed by the owner or his authorized representative before the unauthorized vehicle is towed, or if the provisions of subsection C of this section apply, it is not necessary to mark the vehicle for removal. Every tow truck driver who tows a vehicle from a parking lot or private property must issue the owner or purchaser of the motor vehicle with an invoice that complies with applicable laws and contains the following information: A tow truck can be a lifeline if you are lying on the side of the road in an unfamiliar location. But it has the opposite effect if someone else has your vehicle towed. Some tow truck operators charge exorbitant amounts for their towing service because many states have no limit to the amount they can charge.