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The team I worked with at Weston Legal was very nice to me. They were professional, they answered all my questions and answered all my concerns. I absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs their services. Our success stories highlight the types of civil law issues our clients face and the impact your support has on your neighbours and community. It`s hard to play in a game where your opponent has the equipment and you have nothing. Without you, none of this would have been possible. Your support makes a difference. I was fortunate enough to work with Weston Legal for a legal case and couldn`t say enough about Cacey`s service throughout the legal process, needless to say with great results!! I highly recommend it. Thank you Kacey The availability of free civil legal aid can make all the difference for our neighbours struggling to stay home, escape domestic violence, get veterans` benefits, or face many other legal challenges that are central to their safety and well-being.

Westin`s legal staff is very detailed and informative. Thank you Jess A and Weston Legal. Jessica A was diligent and prompt in helping me through the process. Do not hesitate to contact Weston Legal PLLC if you have been sued by creditors or if you want to start your credit situation from scratch. They are quite meticulous, fast and diligent in their services at competitive prices. I had the opportunity to work with Casey from Western Legal regarding the illegal issues I was experiencing. After working with Mr. Casey for months on my case, we all came to an agreement and the solution was in place.

Thanks again to Casey and Western Legal Group Firm. Sincerely, C.Rigmaiden. Weston settled my portfolio and cavalry pursuits very professionally and promptly. The terms were fair and he was able to make online payments and telephone correspondence with some of the claims settled for half the cost of what was originally reported. At first, I was reluctant to ask a company for help online without first visiting an inpatient facility, but since I live in the area, I submitted the request and was immediately called by one of their paralegals with advice and necessary action. The monthly payment plan was extremely helpful as I couldn`t immediately submit the full amount of the service to be provided. There is no obligation, if you decide to contact online or by phone, they will give you the fact of what can be done and the circumstances, whether or not any action will be taken. If you have financial problems, either on your part or someone else`s, I highly recommend Weston. Weston Legal, PLLC provided excellent service on matters that were completely foreign to us and remained transparent throughout the process from incorporation to closing. Jessica Owens was assigned to us who oversaw our business, Jessica was not only extremely knowledgeable, but also patient and thorough in answering any questions or concerns.

They really fought for the best result and have the highest appreciation for their customers. Highly recommended! With fixed fees and flexible payment plans, we`ve simplified the process so you know what to expect in advance. In addition, we also provide contingency fee services to our clients facing illegal and abusive harassment by their creditors. We understand the stress and anxiety you are likely to feel about your situation, and you can trust us to sit down with you and discuss all your options so you can make the most informed decision about how to achieve your goals as effectively as possible. I had a great experience with Weston Legal. Jessica Owens did a fantastic job managing my debt negotiations. She was professional, kind and super fast, which made the process smooth. I could settle for much less than I had to, even with legal fees. I absolutely recommend Weston Legal. Lawyer Sarah Callahan Garcia and paralegals Jessica Anderson and Casey Smith facilitated, as my father once said, after overcoming a profound challenge, “a new life.” I contacted 6 different lawyers in Houston before choosing Sarah and her firm. Following her verdict and Jessica A.`s very detailed work in the trenches, the court granted me full release. Working with Weston has truly been a blessing that has changed my life.

Thank you very much! I highly recommend Weston Legal, the staff is kind and compassionate as well as patient. They explained everything to me along the way and made me feel comfortable. I would use it again. I needed quick help with a 2018 Wells Fargo decision against me, which resurfaced in 9/2021 after my case was transferred to another law firm of their sharks. I owed 23,000 and had less than a few days to pay that last debt (or at least hire a lawyer) to negotiate with them and try to avoid garnishment. After some research on this company, I submitted a questionnaire on Weston`s website. That day (Sunday), I received a text message from Kristy and worked with her for the next few days to provide details about my situation; and in less than a week, my case was accepted and handed over to Queen of Wells Fargo negotiations: Jessica Owens Senior Paralegal Weston Legal, PLLC She worked hard for me and I am absolutely thrilled with the deal she negotiated. She continued to receive a small extension for a full withdrawal on January 13, 2022 – from which my bank was just released today!! WHOOHOO! Kristy ❤️/Jessica – Thank you for your professionalism and dynamic spirit. You both made my life a better place! Happy New Year 2022! For over forty years, we have been providing free legal aid to those in need. All the information required for the bankruptcy application was meticulously applied. Thanks to the best legal assistant Stephania The decision to declare bankruptcy is very difficult and stressful, but choosing Weston Legal was the best decision I made.

The paralegal was great. Always polite, answered immediately and answered all my questions immediately Good services very nice and helpful people they explain everything clear Deisy helped me I hired Weston Legal for my legal case and Casey was my lead case manager. They did a great job! Legal Aid is a not-for-profit law firm that provides free legal advice and representation in a variety of areas, including consumer matters, family matters, housing matters, government benefits, and more. We also share plain text information about the law. I was very satisfied with the legal services I received from Weston Legal. My case was a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and lawyer Ryan Yanaway and paralegal Jessica Anderson led me step by step to a successful conclusion. Insolvency law is complex. If you are considering bankruptcy, you need sound advice and professional representation. No one offers that better than Weston Legal. If you are considering bankruptcy, I highly recommend Weston Legal Law Firm! They have a team of qualified, knowledgeable and caring lawyers and paralegals who will guide you every step of the way to ensure the best outcome for you.

Sarah Garcia and Jessica Anderson were instrumental in handling our bankruptcy case. They were very thorough with documentation and communication and handled the whole process professionally! Thank you Weston Legal! The best experience ever! I have never been in a situation where I needed legal representation, and Weston Legal addressed all of my concerns.